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Drum Machines

X-Razor is not exactly an audio editor as it only edits drum loops and is extremely good at it. You can add up to two VST 1.0 plug-ins in real-time, and Direct-X plug-ins in non-real-time. You won't find anything even nearly as good as this anywhere else. Definitely worth a download.
The ultimate freeware rhythm modul for PC whether you are in dance music or any other style. Play your samples and enjoy the unique RM-Series quality.
HammerHead Rhythm Station
HammerHead is a simple TR-909-like drum computer program aiming at the dance-scene. You can use it to create perfect Techno loops, Jungle patterns or House beats, but it's also suitable for Hip Hop, Triphop, Rap, Industrial and almost any other music you can think of.
The DrumFlow is powerful drum sequencer. You can use the DrumFlow to edit Drum Setup (for GS or XG MIDI) parameters by NRPN controllers. The DrumFlow allows you to create custom percussion parts with adjustable drums and then to export these parts to your MIDI editor through the clipboard or MIDI file.

Waves Editors [ Go to the top ! ]

Tiny Wave Editor
Tiny Wave Editor, which is designed by Yamaha is one of the quickest and easiest audio editors that I've ever used, including commercial programs. It doesn't have many effects, but if you just want to top and tail your samples then this is the program for you.
Audacity is a program that lets you manipulate digital audio waveforms. In addition to letting you record sounds directly from within the program, it imports many sound file formats, including WAV, AIFF, AU, IRCAM, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis. It supports all common editing operations such as Cut, Copy, and Paste, plus it will mix tracks and let you apply plug-in effects to any part of a sound. It also has a built-in amplitude envelope editor, a customizable spectrogram mode and a frequency analysis window for audio analysis applications.
Encounter2000 is the first and only fully multithreaded sound editor in the windows world today. Load files and work on files while other filters are still running in the background. Encounter2000 also features the EncounterExtension plug-in architecture, which works similarly to plug-in architectures that are know in the graphic world for years. Third party providers or just every single programmer can add its/his own filters to Encounter.
Wave Splitter
Wave Splitter from Claudiosoft is a freeware utility that allows you to extract a sample from a .wav file without loading it into memory. No matter how big your source wave file is (it may be hundreds of megabytes!), if you want to sample a part of it, you can do it very quickly, without wasting RAM.
Wave Flow is a very complete audio editor that can play, record, filter and modify a wave form, using lots of different functions, following the WAV standard. Besides, as it has been designed for a Windows 95 environment, it is done visually, easily and intuitively. The freeware versions are at the bottom of the download page.

MIDI [ Go to the top ! ]

MIDIoz Arp
MIDIoz Arp uses the MIDI system to turn any sound card or synthesizer into a configurable music generator. Its results vary from nice and musically rich arpeggios to any kind of random ambiental texture.
MIDI Thruway
MIDI Thruway 2.0 is a system-wide replacement for all of the competing "thru" connections in the many MIDI programs running on your system. MIDI Thruway allows any MIDI input to be connected to any MIDI output, in any combination. This allows multiple instruments to be controlled from the same external keyboard, or a single sound card or MIDI module to be controlled from multiple controllers simultaneously, as well as many more elaborate connections.
Analog X - MIDI Mouse Mod
MIDI Mouse Mod is another in my series of alternative input devices for MIDI information... This one allows you to move the mouse on a grid and modify up to 4 continuous MIDI controllers in realtime!
MIDI/Audio Sequencer. 32 MIDI/Audio tracks with unlimited number of parts .. alot of other cool stuff, like plugins, filters and the like.
Hubi's MIDI LoopBack device
A MIDI driver that gives you up to four virtual MIDI ports. Each virtual port can act as both an input and output MIDI device. All MIDI data sent to the output is automatically channeled to all connected programs at the input side.
FractMus 2000
FractMus is a FREEWARE algorithmic-music generator, that is, it creates melodies using mathematical formulas.

Mixing / Multitracking [ Go to the top ! ]

MultitrackStudio is an audio/midi recording and mixing environment for Windows targeted at home recording musicians. With this program you can record your own songs, recording tracks while playing along with previously recorded ones. It contains a multitrack recorder, a mixer and lots of effects: everything you need to record your own CD.
diPlayer is an audio player made for playing back so-called digitally improvized music (diMusic). Digital Improvization is a technology of Digimpro Ltd. (Digimpro) that is implemented as diTechnology. The diTechnology enables musicians to create multimedia material based on the very heart of Digital Improvization: if you play back the same material again and again, you will get different results. In case of songs, this means that a song made by the help of diTechnology will sound different time to time as you listen to it.
Anvil Studio
With the free version, you can create an unlimited number of MIDI tracks, and a one-minute audio track. With the $19 optional Multi-Audio accessory, you can record and real-time mix up to 8 sixty-minute audio tracks.
Crystal Audio Engine
Crystal Audio Engine is a multichannel audio engine with Open System Design for Digital Signalprocessing in realtime. The current release supports 4 audio channels at 44.1kHz/16bit, 2 different Audio Inputs and 4 Realtime Effects. The Full System package includes a lot of basic plugins for playback, recording and manipulating audio.
Moonfish is a tracker/groovebox, and has a very simple and usable interface interface. Moonfish was designed to let anyone make music for free without having to spend hours perfecting their song in their sequencer. However, these limitations can become a bit of a problem, with there only being 3 mono channels per track.
Tuareg a sequencer/loop-composer/remixer that creates tracks out of the loops, samples and short sounds you feed it. It is simple to use, and has a very user friendly interface, the version offered here, but the is a 'FAT' version available for $35 from the Homepage with added features. It includes a drum machine and a bassline sequencer, and supports 6 channels of mono, with the ability to render to WAV, for use in other applications.
A 256-track shareware MIDI/Audio sequencer and editor. The program allows unlimited ticks per quarter-note bandwidth for standard MIDI files.
Quartz Audio Master (freeware version)
The freeware version of Quartz AudioMaster Pro features 4 stereo audio tracks, 16 Midi tracks, effect plug-ins, per-track EQ, Aux buses, Video sync, Score, GM / GS / XG and "Piano roll" editors and all the functionalities required to easily share musical projects across the internet up to its multi-track compressed file format.
Get Pro Tools FREE and experience the power and flexibility of Pro Tools. Using your computer's built-in sound capability, Pro Tools FREE offers up to 8 tracks of audio and 48 tracks of MIDI, real-time plug-ins, and many of the same editing and mixing features the pros use.
Fat Rock Studio
Fat Rock Studio is a multitrack, digital audio recorder (harddisk recording-studio) for Windows95/98/NT4 and later. It has 16 stereo/mono channels and is designed to work just like a real world recorder.
DDCLIP 2.23 Free
DDClip is a multi-track audio sequencer that can record and play up to four tracks of digital audio (and one video track) simultaneously. Each of the four tracks can have an unlimited number of clips. It appears that the free one will not be continued to be developed, but you can still download free version 2.23.
Beat It
A real-time sample mixing/composition util. Includes stuff like built in keyboard and cross fader.

MP3 [ Go to the top ! ]

JukeBox Decoder
Play, Open, Tag and Decode (MP3 to Wave) in Windows. CDDB Enabled (CDDB2) for Auto CD info lookup for MP3 Tagging. Play CD's and other formats (in next upgrade which is v2 JukeBox). Batch Decode MP3's to Wave files and Auto run CD burner all in one go. Batch Re-Namer / Tagger with optional Letter Case (lower, UPPER, Norm). And much more...
Dee is a Digital Sound Processing plug-in for Winamp. It improves the sound by adding deeper bass, treble and richer 3d effect without distortion.
quickSkin aims to be the quickest and easiest Winamp skin maker ever. You can select pictures (bitmaps) of anything you choose and make them into a winamp skin in seconds. Optionally you can customise your skin by changing the color of the windows, text, equalizer etc.
Amp2000 is a simple yet powerful mp3 player, which supports skins and colorful displays. The player has a really neat feature that let's you search complete drives, cd's for mp3's.
The best and original MP3 player, can also output to wav files. Winamp supports MP3, MP2, MOD, S3M, MTM, ULT, XM, IT, 669, CD-Audio, Line-In, WAV, VOC, and other audio formats, custom interfaces called skins, and audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins.
Power MP3 Studio
This is not just another Mp3 Player, but a complete studio that allows you to Play Mp3, Create Mp3 CDs, Decode, Studio Mix with 24 Band Equalizer, Playlist Creator, ID3 Tag Editor, Skin Support and much more.
dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC), is one of those must have utilities, indispensable for converting audio files from one format to another. Part of dMC's formidable arsenal, is it's ability to rip music straight from Audio CDs! , or LPs. Formally known as Shuffler Music Converter, dMC continues where Shuffler left off. Straight out of the box dMC can convert Wave and Mp3 files. Download options bring Windows Media Audio (WMA V7), CD Audio (CDA), Ogg Vorbis and many more file types to the table. Volume Normalization, ID Tag preservation, scriptable and the simplest way of converting (right click on a file and select Convert To), round of a perfect package.
AudioCrusher is a freeware CD-Ripper with CDDB support and a wide range of output formats. AudioCrusher includes automatic play list creation and is able to create a checksum report for each created file. It allows full customization of ID3 tags and filenames.
CD'n'Go! is a Mp3 Suite, formed by a Digital Audio Extractor, an Audio Compressor and a File Tagger, you can extract digital audio data from your standard audio CDs using your CDROM. CD'n'Go! support a wide variety of SCSI CDROM readers, including ATAPI drives. The CDDB button let you get the song titles from a CDDB server and then store them in a standard Windows CDPlayer.INI file. It can automagically set the ID3 TAGs to make MP3 files or other compressed audio files. Of course the best way to determine the real capabilities of this program is using it, you can tag a file with standard 1.00, 1.01 and Lyrics 2.00 fields and almost all WinAMP styles.

Plugins [ Go to the top ! ]

IZotope Vinyl
The ultimate lo-fi weapon, it uses 64 bit processing and advanced filtering, modeling and resampling to create authentic "vinyl" simulation, as if the audio was a record being played on a record player
DSP/FX 8 Tap Delay
Get a free 8 Tap Delay with a demo download of their plugins including pitch shifter, delays, reverbs, a flanger and more!
DSound Stompin' FX
DSound manufactures many different DirectX plugins, all with the classic stomp box look, very retro! They always have a couple for free, I saw their EQ free at one time, at the time of this writing it was their distortion "box". Check 'em out and see what they are givin away today!
Anwidasoft DX Reverb Light
The DX Reverb Light is the ULTIMATE FREE REVERB and, believe it or not, it’s an heavily reduced version of the DX Reverb. Even if the DX Reverb light offers less than 1/11* of the power of the DX Reverb, it provides astonishing quality and extreme flexibility, allowing you to simulate from small rooms with sudden attacks and coloration characteristic of small spaces to large natural-sounding spaces with spread attack and build of a concert hall.
AnalogX Gate
AnalogX Gate is the DirectX version of probably one of the oldest and most commonly used audio effects out there - the gate. A gate simply ensures that until the volume of an input passes a certain threshold, no signal is sent through; then once a signal comes through the gate remains open until the signal drops below another threshold.
AnalogX Vocal Remover
AnalogX Vocal Remover works on the same principles that the hardware removers do - that in most instances vocals are equally mixed in both channels, and can identified and therefore removed by simply changing the phase on one channel by 180 degrees. While this won't remove vocals in all instances, it does work in many cases, and can sometimes be used to remove bass or breakbeat sections as well, which I find to be GREAT for sampling!
AnalogX Vocoder
Simply supply a wave file with some speech (or singing), supply another wave file with an instrument playing, and voila! Your instrument will now be modulated by the speech wave and it will sound as if it's talking. You can vary the effect from very slight to almost unrecognizable, from smooth and flowing to hard and rhythmic.
Nolv makes a couple of pretty neat freeware DirectX plugins, check 'em out if you need distortion or a lowpass filter in your plugin arsenal...
A professional, studio quality digital reverberator unit which generates incredible sounding, musical reverb with exceptionally smooth tails.
db-audioware makes some awesome VST compatible plugins, some for money and some for free. Either way, they are great plugins and worth a try.

Synthesizers [ Go to the top ! ]

Visual Orangator
Visual Orangator is continuation of Orangator - a great virtual synthesizer, but the main difference is that it's modular.
Orangator is a sound generator - program that lets you create sounds without sampling. It is very useful for people who want to make their own samples, but don't have an analogue synthesizer or a professional sampler. With Orangator you can make all types of techno 303-like sounds, synth-strings, sweeps, 808-like drums, loops and even some acoustic-like bells and organs.
STOMPER Hyperion is a Microsoft Windows software synthesis program for drum-like sounds. STOMPER Hyperion uses a very simple synthesis method, mixing pitch-shifting narrow-band noise sources or pure sine waves (zero bandwidth noise, really) together to one sound.
GakStoar alpha
GakStoar Alpha an up to 24 note polyphonic VST2.0 plugin software synthesizer. With fully recognized velocity and aftertouch (mono and poly) and several controllers. Very cool, and FREE!
DrumSynth is a synthesizer for producing drum sounds. It can reproduce sounds from classic analogue drum machines with new clarity and programmability as it uses the same building blocks (oscillators, noise generators and filters), but also make entirely new drums, pitched sounds and sound effects!

Utilities [ Go to the top ! ]

AJ Sealed Designer
AJ Sealed Designer is a sub-woofer design program for solving the required calculations for sealed speaker box designs.AJ Sealed Designer provides accurate theoretical calculations for speaker and box enclosure parameters with an easy-to-use interface. It also includes a box calculator to determine the dimensions of a box-shaped enclosure. Features of the program include information on the frequency response plots, the volume of the box, the resonance frequency of the box, half and low roll-off frequencies, a frequency response plot, and a power response plot.
Sound Library
Sound Library allows you to easy create and manage multiple collections of WAV files. Sound Library has the ability to play and record WAV files, copy, move, rename and delete files. Also, Sound Library helps you to assign sounds to Windows events without Microsoft Plus! installed, create sound schemes as Microsoft Plus! themes or Windows registry script files.
Guitar Sidekick
Guitar Sidekick is a program put together by in order to accomodate your offline needs. It contains a chords and scales database, metronome, and more in order for you to enjoy's tools while you're not online. This program is very useful to users in countries which charge a 'net tax, or simply when you can't find a way to make it to this site. Guitar Sidekick is available for Macs and Windows.
Download MODPlug Tracker
The MODPlug Tracker is a freeware program that allows you to create any type of music you want. You can use preformatted samples, or make your own, and mix them together to make your tunes. Unlike the packaged commercial products that limit your creativity, the MODPlug Tracker offers you an infinite array of possibilities by letting you mix up to 64 sounds at once, and add effects like vibrato, portamento and reverb.
AnalogX DXPad
AnalogX DXPad is a very simple notepad, written inside of a DirectX Audio plugin. What this gives you the ability to do is store little notes in the actual data file of the application you normally use, and that's not all... Since DXPad is a DirectX plugin, you can have as many different notepads as you need! Best of all, DXPad has VERY low overhead, one of the testers actually had 64 DXPad's open and running with a less than 6% CPU utilization!
AnalogX AutoTune
AutoTune analyses sampled sounds in frequency space to allow you to tune all of your sounds to the same frequency! Just simply enter the note you want to use as the base for all of your sounds, such as C3, and then simply drag your samples onto the application, and voila! Let AutoTune do the rest! AutoTune can also be used to convert directories, instead of individual files, by simply dragging the directory onto the app.
AnalogX Frequency Convertor
One of the most common problems when you're working with an EQ is identifying exactly what it is you want to tweak. Freq takes some of the guesswork out of the process, by allowing you to easily convert between frequencies and notes, which can then be used to help target specific areas in the mix. Freq also outputs 'cents' based from A0 (27.5hz), for eq's that do not use named frequencies, and supports fractional notes +/- 50 cents. This utility is only available in a GUI form, for Window 95/98/NT.
AnalogX TapTempo
Have you ever wanted to know exactly what BPM (Tempo) a song was at? Well, there's a better way then guessing, and TapTempo is the tool to do it. Simply run TapTempo, play the song, and press the spacebar on every beat; after a few seconds, you'll see the tempo (along with other info) displayed!
AnalogX TagMaster
TagM lets you edit the ID3 tag in MP3 files, which contains information like the name of the artist, song, album, etc - but it doesn't just stop there. TagM also can rename files using any of the information inside the files (including bps and sample rate) making it much easier to find the song you're after. Best of all, it can perform any of these operations on single files, or every file in your MP3 directory.
RecordIt is a simple little recording tool from Iomega. It has no editing capabilities, but it does record well, and it is a small app. If you have the newest Iomega drivers, RecordIt is not comptible with them, but if you don't use Iomega's zip drivers and such, give it a try.

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HammerHead Rhythm Station

The MoonFish

The Tuareg (Free version)

ModPlug Tracker
ModPlug Tracker

Voice Tracker
Voice Tracker



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Audacity lets you edit, mix and manipulate sound files.
Audacity features include ...
Record sounds from within the program, Import many sound file formats ( including WAV, AIFF, AU, IRCAM, MP3, Ogg Vorbis ), Export to WAV or MP3, Supports all common editing operations ( Cut, Copy, Paste ), Mix tracks, Unlimited undo, Unlimited number of tracks, apply Plug-in effects to any part of a sound, built-in Amplitude envelope editor, customizable spectrogram mode, frequency analysis window.

CDex records CD music tracks directly to .mp3 .wav and other formats.
CDex features include ...
Record direct to mp3, Recording of multiple CD music tracks, download track information from local/remote CDDB or cdplayer.ini, Includes the LAME MP3 encoder and configurable support for multiple external encoders, Normalization of audio signal, Indicator for track progress and jitter control. Supports multiple CD drives. Support for M3U and PLS playlist files.

Deejaysystem Mk-I
Deejaysystem Mk-I lets you mix music like a DJ.
Deejaysystem gives you control over volume, pitch and balance plus a 'cue' button and all the usual controls. Open as many Deejaysystem windows as you want (within reason) and mix different tracks for output to any sound card. Deejaysystem can play .mp3 .wav and music CDs. Optionally control music output using the keyboard. Supports command line configuration. Deejaysystem requires that DirectX is installed. Deejaysystem is based on the Denon DN2000F and uses the Xaudio engine for playback.

Juke lets you create, save and playback playlists or albums of audio and video files and CD tracks.
Juke features include ...
Play most kinds of audio and video with Microsoft Media Player installed. External programs may be used for additional media types. Play zipped MOD files with the built-in Modplug support. Play music CDs ( Juke can use the CD database of the Windows CD-Player). If you add Juke to the 'Startup' program group Juke will automatically restart the playlist where it left off when it was shut down. Very flexible inteface including ... Multiple Undo/Redo for playlist operations, Master volume control, Optional automatic MIDI-Reset, Random play, Configurable Intro-Scan, Repeat and Shuffle mode, Fault toleran